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FOX 40 TV Interviews Drone University USA About 107 Release

Sacramento local TV station, FOX 40, caught up with is this week for information on the release of 107, watch:

FAA Sets Commercial Drone Regulations

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FAA Releases Part 107 Final Rule- What You Need to Know

As you probably know by now, the FAA Tuesday released the long-awaited UAS rule, Part 107, establishing commercial operating rules for small unmanned aircraft weighing 54 pounds or less. It eliminates the need for a 333 exemption in this weight class and allows for waivers to be applied for online. It’s good news for […]

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Going Professional Under Part 107: What You Can Do to Prepare

If you are planning to transition from a recreational to a professional drone operator under Part 107, here are some things you can do to get ahead of the game.
Fly Everyday-
When the 107 rules come out next month, the market will be flooded with new, licensed operators but very few of them will have […]

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Industry Snapshot: AUVSI’s Analysis of Commercial Drone Industry

Drone industry group the Association for Unmanned Vehicles Systems International (AUVSI) has published an in-depth analysis of the commercial drone industry, by looking at current Section 333 Exemptions.

The analysis shows where – and what – the commercial drone industry is right now, making it clear that the industry has a lot of room to […]

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Drone University USA announces partnership with Strategic Response Partners

Drone University USA has joined forces with one of the largest nationwide disaster preparedness, response and recovery providers, Strategic Response Partners (SRP), in providing specialized training and employment assistance in this exciting and lucrative industry. Strategic Response Partners is a rapid response team of experts specializing in disaster preparedness, response and property restoration resulting […]

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Drone University USA Celebrates with Supercell

Drone University USA was asked to provide some “hands on training” at the Supercell Corporate HQ event this past week in San Francisco. Thanks for the great work team!

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The Future of Drones in Live Sports Coverage and Sports

With the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the process of finalizing regulations allowing the widespread commercial use of drones by mid-2016, drones are set to become a common site in our skies. As the technology improves and prices drop, various industries—including the sports industry—are beginning to recognize the untapped potential of drones. Read more…

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DUU featured on FOX 2 KTVU SF “Bay Area People” TV- Drone Rules & Regs

A thanks out to the team at KTVU FOX 2 in San Francisco for having us on the show last week! Watch the video here…

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DJI Drops Phantom 3 “Professional” Price to $1,000, Phantom 4 Rumor

The dead of winter is a slow time for consumer drone sales. The weather, Chinese New Year and tapped out budgets from the holiday period combine to make drones sales more difficult. Manufacturers respond by cutting prices AND perhaps announcing new models for the coming Spring season. Read more…


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Graphene Batteries Charge Forward With HobbyKing

Longer life, cooler running and faster charge times. Whats not to like…  Once we start hearing real world reports we shall know if its all true! More…

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