Oracle Partners with DUU to Increase Bandwidth Upload Speeds

Drone University USA has joined forces with Oracle and Vast Edge in finding ways to increase image upload speed to the cloud for faster processing times in the field. “We’re excited to have been chosen by Oracle to provide UAS farm and crop data to increase bandwidth and get growers the timely data they […]

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DUU Partners with Skywatch Drone Insurance

Drone University USA and on-demand drone insurance provider, Skywatch, have joined forces to provide the best and most affordable commercial UAS insurance available. Skywatch uses a unique pricing model that allows lower rates as you accumulate a “Safety Score” so the more you fly, the more you save. Not only do they offer hourly, […]

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DUU Announces New Mapping, Fixed Wing and 107 Refresher Courses

Drone University USA has added 3 new classes to our growing training portfolio;


UAS/Drone Mapping & Modeling Certification

This 2 day course introduces students to the use of drones in the fields of mapping and modeling. These sectors are undergoing a dramatic change due to the availability of drones to carry high quality sensors and to […]

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DUU Announces UAS Thermology Training



Drone University USA has launched its new UAS/Drone Thermology Certification course. This 1 day course will introduce students to the fascinating and technological world of infrared inspection. As a new methodology of inspection, industries are unaware of the versatility of thermal imaging, thus a great service offering to potential customers. Students will get an […]

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Watch as Nearly 1,000 Drones Come Together to Make TIME’s New Cover

TIME’s cover this week is unlike any in the magazine’s 95-year history. Working with Intel, the cover was made by using 958 of the company’s Shooting Star™ drones to create the iconic TIME logo and red border in midair over California. WATCH THE VIDEO…

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The FAA Will Require Recertification for Commercial Drone Pilots

Commercial drone pilots who received their Remote Pilot Airman Certificate under Part 107 may remember it only has a 24 month shelf life before they need to recertify their knowledge. Yesterday, the FAA announced an update to its Remote Pilot – Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Airman Certification Standards which detailed the process for recurrent […]

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Kittyhawk Insights: LAANC In-Depth

Jon Hegranes CEO & Co-Founder @kittyhawkio


With the initial roll-out of LAANC just a few weeks away, we’ve been hard at work integrating native, seamless, and beautiful LAANC functionality into our platform (but more on that later ;). Today we wanted to dig into the numbers and dissect *why* there’s such a fervour around LAANC.

What […]

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DJI and FLIR Announce Zenmuse XT2 Camera

DJI, the world’s leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, unveiled new technology and tools to customize its enterprise drone platforms for specialized tasks such as infrastructure inspection, precision agriculture, firefighting and search and rescue.

The new Zenmuse XT2 thermal imaging camera, created in partnership with FLIR Systems, is a critical tool for drone […]

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Surviving and Thriving as a Commercial Drone Business

So you’ve decided to dive into the field of drone services. You have your Part 107 License, your equipment, and maybe a client or two. At this point, you might find yourself thinking, “Where do I go from here?”
Don’t worry: you’re not alone. Building your drone service business, and positioning it for long-term success, […]

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Drone University USA Joins Super Bowl Week

Drone University USA takes to the skies during Super Bowl week in Minneapolis, MN with NFL Pro Bowler’s and Future Farmers of America in the Land O’ Lakes Farm Bowl, WATCH NOW!


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