This 2-day training course is designed for Part 107 Remote Pilots who have an interest in aerial inspections of infrastructure assets. This fast growing and lucrative industry replaces the need for humans to reach hard to access inspection areas, greatly reducing risk exposure and cost while increasing speed, data accuracy, analysis, and processing data in a non-destructive method.

Students are introduced on the basic elements of aerial inspections methodology, workflow, and pricing scheme to provide audits of building/structure assets such as roofs and piping, introduction to non-certified survey mapping and 3D modeling. This 2-day course will discuss the most commonly used remote sensing technology that are utilized in today’s inspection environment. Equipment such as 4K RGB camera, LiDAR, and Infrared Imaging Sensors (Thermal) will be discussed or presented. This course will also discuss about further potential requirements for other industry certifications.

Each day will include practical indoor & outdoor exercise and/or observation and discussions.

UAS/Drone Structure Inspector Certification course curriculum includes:

Day 1 Construction:

  • Introduction to non-destructive, remote sensing devices
  • Roof Inspection
  • Building Inspection
  • Bridge and Dam Assets
  • Mapping

Day 2 Utilities:

  • T&D Powerline Inspection
  • Oil and Gas
  • Cell Tower
  • Wind Turbine
  • PV Solar

Cost for UAS/Drone Structure Inspector Certification: $1590.00

For a limited time Drone University USA is offering enrolled UAS/Drone Structure Inspector Certification students a $100.00 referral fee for each referred new student that completes the same training course.

Students who enroll in any other Drone University USA training course, in addition to this course, will receive a $100 discount.

Classes are limited to sixteen (16) students to maintain a low student to instructor ratio. This ensures that our students experience personal hands on training with our instructors.