This 1 day course will introduce students to the fascinating and technological world of infrared inspection. As a new methodology of inspection, industries are unaware of the versatility of thermal imaging, thus a great service offering to potential customers. Students will get an introductory understanding to Qualitative Thermal Analysis as it pertains to identifying anomalies in every industry. Sectors that will benefit from thermal inspection include PV solar, roof and building inspection, civil infrastructure, cell towers, construction, oil/gas industry and electrical inspections.

UAS/Drone Thermology Certification Course curriculum includes:

  • Basic Energy Displacement Science
  • Basic Thermal Science
  • Electromagnetic Spectrum
  • Introduction to Thermal Camera (Radiometric vs Non-Radiometric)
  • Qualitative vs Quantitative Analysis
  • Introduction to FLIR Tools
  • Report Writing and Deliverables
  • Full access to our Chief Instructor for questions after graduation
  • Certificate of Completion


Cost for UAS/Drone Thermology Certification: $990.00

For a limited time Drone University USA is offering enrolled UAS/Drone Thermology Certification students a $50.00 referral fee for each referred new student that completes the same training course.

Students who enroll in any other Drone University USA training course, in addition to this course, will receive a $100 discount.

Classes are limited to sixteen (16) students to maintain a low student to instructor ratio. This ensures that our students experience personal hands on training with our instructors.