Drone University USA would like to thank you for your service to our country, whatever capacity you served in. We understand the sacrifices men and women like you have made which allow us our freedoms and the opportunity to offer these training programs.

Drone University USA is now approved by the Veterans Benefits Administration to provide our training to qualified veterans under the Chapter 31 VR&E program. Individuals may receive full tuition funding for any or all of the courses we offer. Along with tuition funding, the VBA may also cover the cost of equipment and supplies needed to start your own drone business so you can get to work in this rapidly expanding and lucrative industry, we can assist you with this process.

After doing your research and making the decision to enter this exciting new field, we have made the enrollment process fast and easy, simply follow the steps below;

1) Start by contacting your VA Counselor or representative and provide our registered facility provider number (25191305). If you do not have a VA representative, you must begin the process through the VA online portal- CLICK HERE

2) Your VA representative will send you the necessary forms to be completed and returned in order to enroll in the course(s) you choose and qualify for.

3) Your VA representative will send us the necessary forms we will complete and return accepting your enrollment in the requested course(s).

4) Once the required forms have been processed, you will be confirmed for your selected training.


IT’S THAT SIMPLE.. The entire registration and enrollment process can be completed in as little as 1 day.

SO DON’T DELAY.…The commercial drone industry is booming and in great need of licensed and skilled pilots.